• Mark Cherry

New Year, New Normal

At this time of year, everyone is making new year resolutions and setting goals for 2021. Social media is full of people posting “New Year, New Me” but I think a more appropriate post this year would be “New Year, New Normal” but what does this mean?

New normal” is a phrase that has been used over and over again recently and in the current climate I can understand why. The COVID-19 pandemic has violently shaken up the way that we live our lives and whilst a lot of people may not like the term “new normal” they cannot disagree that the way we are living and working now is anything but normal.

How has COVID-19 affected recruitment?

If you had asked someone 5 years ago whether they wanted to take part in a video interview it would have been seen as a strange request using an emerging technology that’s not quite ready yet, like 3D TV’s. Some companies had already started investing in this technology and were incorporating it into their recru

itment process but it was certainly not the norm. Currently it is the only way for companies to ‘meet’ potential new employees and in some instances companies are even hiring people without ever having met face to face. This may seem odd for an industry that is all about people meeting other people but we have all had to adapt due to the pandemic.

What does 2021 hold for the recruitment industry?

A lot of businesses spent the last few months of 2020 waiting for January 2021 in the hope that the situation with COVID-19 would have improved and this would give them some degree of certainty enabling them to make hiring plans for the next 12 months. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still around and more aggressive than before meaning that the uncertainty businesses were facing in December 2020 is still prevalent and not showing much sign of easing up over the next couple of months.

Businesses have got to make a choice, do they continue to wait for things to improve before planning for the future or do they take action now.

The reason that I set up RWTS is to enable businesses to truly embrace remote working and to take advantage of the possibilities that it offers both employees and businesses. I have spoken with several business owners over the last few months that are committed to changing their business and embracing this “new normal” that everyone is talking about. This includes adapting their recruitment process and even recruiting remote workers that previously would not have been considered because they live too far away from the office. It is opening up a brand new talent pool alongside new opportunities that previously would not have been explored.

I believe that the businesses that are going to thrive during this pandemic are going to be the ones that truly embrace remote working and incorporate it into their strategy moving forward. The ones that take action and don’t sit on the sidelines waiting for things to improve. This pandemic has proven that the technology that allows people to work remotely already exists. It has opened people’s eyes to the potential a remote workforce offers and I believe that there is going to be a dramatic shift in the coming year that will see more businesses opting for remote workers and offering increased work from home days.

If you would like to learn more about how RWTS can support your businesses remote working strategy please reach out to me using the following link:

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